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*S*trength-Based *T*eam Approach *E*mpirically-Supported *P*erson-Centered *S*tate of the Art Innovative program

Programs & Services

The STEPS Center was developed to meet the needs of children diagnosed on the autism spectrum and related developmental delays ages 2 1/2 -22 in a center-based program. This allows for intense instruction with a focus on language and communication, as well as academics. Our program also addresses motor skills, social and play skills, receptive language skills, imitation skills, and small and large group responding. In addition, behavior modification programs are designed to increase functional behaviors. When a child is ready to begin the inclusion process, they are transitioned into the STEPS/Academy of St. Adalbert partnership program.

The mission of the STEPS/Academy of St. Adalbert partnership is to incorporate individual learning styles into the traditional educational setting, utilizing innovative approaches including differentiated instruction, co-teaching and building on passions through ongoing collaborations.

Through assessment, observation and interviews, the children are placed in the following programs:

Program: Intensive

Primarily 1:1 instruction with heavy emphasis on language and communication skills and focus on reduction of maladaptive behaviors that may be impeding learning. At this level the child learns how to engage with others and also learns skills that are the basis for any type of group instruction, including academics, attending and group responding skills.

  • Speech Therapy/Occupational Therapy services are delivered based on IEP
  • Social Skills Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Vocational Training

Program: STEP 2

Primarily group instruction 1:3 instructor/child ratio. In this setting, children receive small group instruction for academics, social skills and higher level language skills. The goal at this level is to increase inclusive experiences and increase skills that are being taught in the larger group setting.

  • Speech Therapy/Occupational Therapy services are delivered based on IEP
  • Social Skills Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Vocational Training

Program: Academy of St. Adalbert Partnership

Children at this level are fully included into the traditional classroom setting at the Academy of St. Adalbert with the support of an Inclusion Specialist that helps facilitate social interactions, assists the child in maintaining appropriate behaviors and provides academic support. The highly trained Inclusion Specialists teach the child how to learn in a large group setting and how to incorporate tools that could help facilitate successful inclusion.

  • Speech Therapy/Occupational Therapy services are delivered based on IEP
  • Social Skills are targeted through structured Social/Emotional Groups

School Based Services:

Our goal is to work collaboratively with schools to build skills and expertise within your district. We work with you to identify team, classroom, and school or district goals and generate effective solutions to improve student progress and increase independence. Our cost-effective school consultation services are based on the most contemporary “best practice” approaches to assessment, education, and treatment. We carefully tailor our services to the specific needs and concerns of each individual, classroom, school, or district, developing highly individualized recommendations and plans for students. STEPS school-based consultation services include:

  • Student assessment and identification of areas of strength and areas of need
  • Development of educational and clinical programming, including skill acquisition curricula and behavior reduction programming
  • Social skills development
  • Development of programming to successfully include student within general education setting
  • Hands-on staff training for paraprofessionals, special educators and general educators
  • Collaborative team-building
  • District-wide consultation
  • Transition support
  • Parent training

Our trainings include evidence-based information presented in user friendly terms with an emphasis on practical solutions for the classroom, community and home settings.

STEPS Consulting is proud to announce the opening of The STEPS Academy!

The STEPS Academy is a private specialized school for students diagnosed on the autism spectrum and related developmental differences, servicing 2 1/2 - 22 years old. The STEPS Academy is a center based program with an emphasis on speech, OT, social skills and ABA Therapy.

We also offer an inclusion program and school consultation services.

Please join us for our open house on Monday, August 28, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at: The STEPS Academy 4040 Tamarack Drive Parma, Ohio 44134

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Cole Aiton, Kayleigh Hahn, and Jackie Sura: Autism Awareness

Cole Aiton and Kayleigh Hahn, Students at Academy of St. Adalbert, are joined by Jackie Sura, Clinical Director of STEPS at St. Adalberts program promoting Autism Awareness Month.

Cleveland City Council gives those with autism a chance to shine

Art from more than 50 students at the Steps Center for Excellence in Autism was showcased in the Cleveland City Hall rotunda, where it will remain for the rest of the month. April is Autism Awareness Month.

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